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    1,2-Hexanediol, for short 1,2-HDO, also can be called DL-1,2-Hexanediol, is a clear to light yellow liquid.It is used in ink and as cosmetic additive.
    CAS No: 6920-22-5
    Item Details
    Appearance colorless transparent liquid
    Purity % 99.0IN
    Moisture % 0.5AX
    Refractive Index nD 20 1.441-1.443
    More information,please contact with:
    Wang Yili
    Technological innovation is the fundamental strength of the company’s continuous improvement,we have our own R&D team, at the same time, we have established a good cooperative relationship with well-known domestic colleges and universities.Through the cooperation with them,we are the one of the largest manufacturer of butyrolactone chemicals.
    Realsun Chemical Competitive advantage include:
    The safety industrial technology of using sodium in catalysis and synthesis
    Chemical synthesis and industrial application of organolithium
    Reactions at ultralow temperature, non-water/oxidizing conditions
    Chemical synthesis of acetylene and acetylene in carbonylation
    The industrial production of Cl chemicals and derivatives
    Cyanidation & hydrogenation
    Coupling engineering of Continuous ester hydrogenation and dehydrogenation
    Continuous ester ammoniation reaction engineering
    Clean production engineering and comprehensive utilization of by-product, circulation
    We focus on the international market for more than 10 years and we have an office in Europe, most of our products have REACH registration,our products are exported to regions and countries such as America, Australia, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and so on.Excellent quality and competitive price have been approved by our customers.we will provide better product and attentive service in the coming future.we are looking forward to your cooperation. China Electronic Chemicals

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