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    Product application: paint spraying on surface of wooden door, panel furniture, executive desk, cabinet door, decorative sheet, fire-proof plate, plastic plate, glass, artificial stone and other products.
    Preparation of quality goods:
    1. Five-axis numerically-controlled paint spraying system, fast speed, flexible rotation at multiple angles, personify spraying method
    2. Double-position and automatic overhead door system, spray each face of wooden door at one time, reduce working procedure, improve efficiency;
    3. 2 ordinary staffs can complete the whole operation process, 8 hours per shift, yield up to 160-200 wooden doors;
    4. Motion trail of spray gun under accuracy control of computer, ensure uniform spraying, save oil paint;
    5. Person completely separated from spray room, ensure physical health of staff;
    6. Machine configured with 2 spray guns as standard, 4 spray guns as the maximum;
    7. Spray gun controlled by computer within the maximum travel scope to perform any trail action, on and off, ensure uniform spraying, save oil paint. Process can control “Cross” travel method to spray uniformly;
    8. Digital programming, spraying procedure can be generated automatically by inputting dimension parameter of working piece and time(s) of oil spray, really automatic. Program library can memorize 1000 different programs to perform full-automatic numerically-controlled oil spraying on 1000 doors of different specifications.
    Painting Equipment manufacturers

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