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    Functional characteristics
    Compact structure, modular design, optimize customer investment
    Our company’s crane has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, small wheel pressure, uniform load distribution, etc., so that customers can greatly reduce construction costs, reduce heating costs, and make maintenance more convenient. We compared to other traditional China crane crane, can fall in the space above the lifting structure size according to different tonnage, reduced in the range of 10-50%, the lifting tonnage is greater, the greater the amplitude reduced, comprehensive optimization of investment clients can achieve the better rate of return on investment.
    The green concept runs through the entire design, saving space and energy
    The compact structure, make the space industrial production has been greatly improved; maintenance free components are selected and durable with crane life, let the customer more assured; reduce weight and reduce the wheel pressure, greatly reduce the power, let the whole crane in the manufacturing process, reduces the cost of the raw materials demand, also let the customers in the use of process, greatly saves energy.
    Safe and reliable, easy to maintain
    With the leading technology, advanced processing equipment, serialized production and strict quality control, the quality of the crane is reliable and the performance is excellent. In the design, we use the maintenance free and easy maintenance design concept, to ensure that products have advantages at the same time, so that customers easy maintenance, easy to master.China EOT-Overhead Crane

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