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    Highest Quality customsized Commercial Aluminum Curtain
    Product Description
    Unit Thermal-break Aluminum Curtain Wall Aluminum extrusions Aluminum Curtain Wall Profiles
    Glass composition Float glass, laminated glass, tempered glass,low-E glass,tinted glass etc.
    Thickness 1)Aluminum Strip Width:6A,9A,12A,15A,17A,19A
    2)Glass Thickness:3mm -19mm
    Normal sizes:
    8mm+6A/9A/12A+8mm etc.
    3)As customer’s requirements.
    Size 1)Max size: 3000mm x 8000mm Min size:200mmx200mm
    2)According to the customer requirements
    Color Clear,white,bronze,blue,gray, green, dark green, F-green, sapphire blue, ocean blue, bron
    Shape 1)semi-circle 2)rectangle 3)arch 4)special shape
    Filled Gas 1) air 2) vacuum 3) argon, etc.
    Application 1)Office buildings, hospitals, hotels, houses and buildings with heating or
    cooling requirements.
    2)For use in airport control towers, train windows and other environments
    that need regulated Airports and buildings near highways and railways,
    that require sound insulation properties Aluminum Curtain Wall quotation

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