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    Product introduction
    Yttrium Stabilized zirconia beads for Grinding media, ball mill, grinding mill and sand mill and other equipment.
    Zirconia beads used in ultra-fine grinding and dispersion of materials requiring ”zero pollution’ and high viscosity and high hardness, such as: non-metallic minerals, pesticides, electronic ceramics, magnetic materials, titanium dioxide, medical supplies, pigments, dyes, inks, special Chemical industry, etc.
    1. High grinding performance: scientifically formulated wear-resistant ceramic ball with respect to the general material, its wear resistance improved by 2-5 times.
    2. Good fluidity: Due to advanced preparation process, the surface of the sphere is smooth, the self-lubricating performance of the ceramic is outstanding, the scientific sorting process ensures the optimal roundness, and the wear in the grinding condition is low.
    3. Impact resistance wear: Toughened ceramics have good toughness at high temperatures, even in the use of high-strength equipment can easily deal with.4. Low cost of use: Selecting this product will bring you a reduction in the overall cost of media wear, power consumption, labor, equipment, etc., and the product quality will be greatly improved.
    Yttrium Stabilized zirconia beads
    ZrO2 (%锛?/p>95+/-580+/-5
    Gravity density6.0 min6.1 min
    Application :
    鈼廍lectronic material (Such as BaTiO3,BaCO3), Magnetic bands superfine grinding,
    鈼廝aint,pigment, Coatings dispesing and superfine grinding,
    鈼廋eramic glaze (zirconia sand) superfine grinding,
    鈼廙edication, Cosmetic dispersing and superfine grinding.Abrasive Auxilliary Material suppliers

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